Tuesday , April 7 2020

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Right Time to Elect Dr. Odongo as NRM Vice Chairman -Northern Uganda

Dr. Samuel Odongo contesting for NRM vice chairman -Northern Uganda By Osman Draga It takes many things to identify a good leader, academic qualification focus, foresight intelligence, and true grit, but the name of suave medical surgeon Dr. Samuel Odongo from Aleptong district is wafting as the best person for …

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Arua Police Dismiss Fake News Of Alleged Beating Of Elderly Woman

Police regional spokesperson Josephine Angucia with Regina Ondoru at her office on Saturday. PHOTO BY RICHARD DRASIMAKU BY RICHARD DRASIMAKU ARUA. Saturday, April 04, 2020: The police in Arua district have dismissed as fake news the social media reports circulating a gory picture of an elderly woman claiming that she …

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